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Hi There,

I’m Josh Brein (pronounced like Brian), I created The Art of a Plan and I wanted to say thanks for stopping by!financial advisor Josh Brein Family Pic

During business hours I work as a Financial Advisor, but what really defines me is that I’m an entrepreneur, a person who tries to look for patterns everywhere, a musician and a martial artist.

I’m a lot of things, but most importantly I’m a husband to my beautiful wife Fiera and a very proud Dad to our Daughter Erin. Erin and I spend A LOT of time together, she “helps” me work all the time, she wanted to welcome you The Art of A Plan as well…financial advisor Josh Brein erin

Thanks, Erin! I appreciate your help but can I PLEASE get back to work?!?

Here’s a little bit about me and why I LOVE WHAT I DO…

I help people plan with money, I love it and I’ve been at it for over a decade.  Here’re just a few reasons (not all of them I’m super proud of) why I may (kind of) know what I’m talking about…

    • I started working in Financial Services in 2006. I decided I wanted to switch careers and help people with their money but I had no knowledge about money what-so-ever, like zero.

With a lack of experience in the industry as a whole, I was actually able to find a Financial Firm that would train me and allow me to learn to be a Financial Advisor while I was still pulling 40+ hours a week in my job as a stage technician and audio engineer at Disney and around Orlando, FL.  That was a very busy first year!  I’m proud to have worked so hard.

    • In 2010, after saving for several years, I loaned my entire life savings to a girlfriend that I had at the time which I had earmarked to use to start my own Financial Firm. A few weeks later when it was time to collect the borrowed money, she told me “this isn’t working between us,” broke up with me and never paid me back. That was my biggest money mistake ever.

I’m not very proud of that mistake and a lot of my friends still make fun of me about it to this day!  I know! I made a mistake, get over it everyone! (this mistake is much more common than you think actually). That was definitely a low point for me but I was able to open my own business anyway and I learned a valuable lesson through that experience, one that many people have paid far more money for.

    • I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the past decade-plus assisting them with everything from budgeting 101 to retirement planning, long term care planning, college savings, Medicaid planning and Social Securityabout Josh and Fie Holidays maximization- the list goes on and on, I just love to help people plan.
    • I’ve also owned and operated two different Registered Investment Advisory firms (one in Florida that is being operated by a former business partner of mine and my current company Brein Wealth Management, LLC in Bellevue, WA). I’m very proud to work as a Fiduciary and in a Fiduciary Capacity with my clients.

This means I’m legally required to put my client’s interests in front of my own when it comes to financial advice, financial planning, and investments, which is pretty much common-sense (one would think) but you’d be surprised at how many advisors actually don’t.

I believe my experiences in life have made me a better Financial Planner and Advisor because they’ve been by far my best source of education. I love sharing my knowledge and perspective about all things money and investing with my clients and readers as well.


Here Are My Why’s…

Why did I become a Financial Advisor?

When I started working in Financial Services, I knew right away that THIS was the place for me.  For my entire life, the idea of saving, investing, growing and enjoying my money had always been appealing to me.  I knew I wanted to help others (and myself) learn to plan with money and plan for important things that we get to do (and sometimes have to do) with our money; like saving to buy a house, eliminating credit card debt, saving for retirement or planning to be financially independent in whatever way you visualize it for yourself.

Why did I start The Art of A Plan?

I started The Art of A Plan as a resource for you.  I also started this site to give you a piece of advice that could potentially save you a lot of time and money.  Interested?  OK, here it is…

You may be shocked to hear this from a Financial Advisor but I believe if you want to be financially free you need a plan, the thing is though…

You may not need a financial advisor…

Our tools and ideas are set up to help you figure out where to start with your money, what to do first, what to do last (what NOT to do at all). When you know exactly what you want your money to do for you, you’ll feel confident about what works for you and you’ll have a better understanding of what you SHOULD do.

You always have the option of working with one of the thousands of Advisors out there at any given time but by choosing a clear direction before you consult with a Financial Advisor, you’ll feel more confident the whole time. You’ll feel like you’re on the exact same page with your advisor, you won’t feel like you’ve been forced into a plan on someone else’s terms.

Why am I so passionate about money and helping people plan their money?

Because I like to stay ahead of the status-quo of people out there with way too much debt, way too little savings and way too little direction in their own personal financial situations. I want my family to benefit from a smart financial plan. I’ve seen countless amounts of people succeed and fail with money, my goal is to help people succeed.

I feel compelled to teach people success in the area of planning their money because I want your family to benefit from a smart financial plan as well. I don’t want you to have to worry about the same things that most people worry about when it comes to money, I don’t want you to live paycheck-to-paycheck, I don’t want you to lose your lunch every time the market gets a little volatile if can’t afford to lose the money.

I want you to be the smart and educated artist behind your money. I want you to have a plan because when you know how to be a good steward of your money, then you can do some amazing things with it for your family and everyone else you care about. The possibilities are limitless!

So let’s get started, shall we? Just tell me what you want to plan for and I’ll give you tools and ideas to help you be the artist behind your money.

Also, join The Art of a Plan today to get your FREE Investment Risk Guide™ for tips on how much risk you should be taking with your money and to enhance your experience with The Art of a Plan so you can start planning today!

Success with money takes smart planning.

Are you ready to start taking control of your money for good this time? I can help you.

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