Why I’ll Never Give My Daughter an Allowance

Let me just put this out there, I DID get an allowance as a kid. I never really had a choice otherwise but as I’ve gotten a little older and had a daughter of my own, I’ve definitely changed my tune about allowances altogether.   Even though my daughter is a few years off from understanding the concept of money and spending (right now we do all the spending on her) I think about things like this all the time. That’s why I’ve decided I’ll never give an allowance to my daughter Erin. I’m going to use an entirely...

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5 Ways You Can Actually Afford Your Dream Wedding

Does it seem a little strange that a financial advisor who focuses on comprehensive financial planning would be trying to talk to you about ways that you can afford having your dream wedding?   Will guess what? I think it’s a little strange that more financial advisors DON’T talk to you about ways that you can afford to have your dream wedding. I’ve said it before 1000 times… Planning for, saving for, and paying for large purchases is important. I wish someone would have given me a guide to help me learn to save for a large purchase like a...

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Should You Choose a Traditional or Roth IRA?

So you’ve got a little cash saved in the bank, you have your debt under control and you feel like it’s definitely time for you to start looking into stashing away some extra money for your future retirement. Time to decide, Traditional or Roth IRA? Maybe you have a 401(k) from your job, or maybe you have a brokerage account and you’re used to managing your own investments. Regardless of their financial situation, many people look to their IRA as a flexible place to stash money away for their future and now it’s time to think about starting one...

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My Biggest Money Mistake Ever. By a Financial Advisor

What’s your biggest money mistake that you’re willing to admit to? I’m a financial advisor but I’m not immune to making mistakes with my money, let me tell you about my favorite (and by favorite I mean least favorite) money mistake I’ve ever made. Do you want to know something interesting? I actually feel like some of the biggest money mistakes I’ve made have actually been while I was working in the financial field. Don’t judge me! Sometimes doctors get sick and lawyers get sued also. If your financial advisor wants you think that they’ve never lost money in...

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Top 5 Smart Money Moves Couples Should Make When They Have a Baby on the Way

Do you have a baby on the way? Congrats on taking one giant step towards having a family of your own! Here are five essential things that expecting couples should do (and start doing) with their money when there’s a baby on the way. You may already be doing some or all of the things mentioned in this article, if you are, good for you! But with all of the hustle and bustle that goes along with having a baby and preparing to bring life into the world, financial planning for expecting couples often seems to fall by the...

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What is the Risk Rainbow™ and Why Should it Matter to You?

When it comes to saving and investing your money, understanding risk is a key fundamental in making sure you have a properly balanced portfolio and that you’re not betting the entire farm on something that may not actually get you the results you’re looking for.   People look at risk in a lot of different ways. What may seem like an extremely risky investment to one person can feel like a comfortable place to invest for another. In my experience helping people plan with their money I’ve seen quite a few different scenarios with people investing outside of their...

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