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Worried About the EQUIFAX Credit Hack? This Financial Advisor Thinks You Should Be…

Recently, I had a client send me an email asking some questions about the security of her accounts shortly after the Equifax credit hack was announced that had just taken place from mid-May until mid-July 2017. My client wanted to know if her money was safe. She could envision someone calling in with her social security number or her address to the different companies we had placed some of her money with, and getting a check cut out to themselves from her hard-earned nest-egg. She wanted to know what the companies we do business with everyday like; banks, insurance...

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Top 5 Smart Money Moves Couples Should Make When They Have a Baby on the Way

Do you have a baby on the way? Congrats on taking one giant step towards having a family of your own! Here are five essential things that expecting couples should do (and start doing) with their money when there’s a baby on the way. You may already be doing some or all of the things mentioned in this article, if you are, good for you! But with all of the hustle and bustle that goes along with having a baby and preparing to bring life into the world, financial planning for expecting couples often seems to fall by the...

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Looking to Pay off Your Mortgage?

You really don’t own your home until it’s played off. Forget the tax deduction, you’re looking to pay off your mortgage and own the place outright.   Excellent choice, I’m definitely on the same page with you. I think paying your home off is a solid financial goal to work towards. So if you’re looking to pay off your mortgage, we have a guide just for you.  Next stop, TRUE financial freedom! A home can be one of the largest assets you’ll own in your entire life, and for many of you reading, a home is the largest purchase you’ll...

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Looking to Pay off Your Credit Cards, Auto Loan or Other Personal Debt for Good This Time?

No one ever borrows on credit cards, auto loans or other types personal debt thinking they won’t be able to afford to pay those debts off. But life happens, and before you know it a little pile of credit cards, auto loan or other personal debt can grow to the size of a small fortune, except instead of being a small fortune you can spend, it becomes a small fortune that you have to pay back- with interest. Some people get into an interest only payment schedule with debt because they are short on cash and can only afford...

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Looking to pay off your student loans?

Has student debt filled in the gap between what you could afford to spend on school and how expensive it actually was? If you want to be debt free and you’re looking to pay off your student loans, here’s our guide on where to start.   Education can be an extremely expensive endeavor, and the problem is, we need it. Yes, our nation has some of the best colleges and universities in the world, but those resources come at a cost, and college is a big business. A big money-making business. According to this article, in 2016 the US had...

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Looking to get out of debt?

Is debt really a necessary evil? It’s certainly not easy to get out of debt and stay out of debt   You want it. End of story. So you decided that you need to have it, but the problem is, you can’t afford it right now. Or can you? Sound familiar? Unfortunately, many people decide that they want something and that they’re going to get that something before they actually figure out whether or not they can afford it. So, credit cards, personal loans, auto loans, student loans, and mortgages pick up the slack to bridge the gap between...

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