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Looking to Hire a Financial Advisor? Make Sure to Ask These Questions First…

Are you thinking of hiring a financial advisor to help you with your money? Full disclosure, I’m not, obviously, because I am one.   I’ll tell you this, though… Coming from someone who’s been in this industry for over a decade, if I was looking to hire a financial advisor there are a few questions I would need to have answered in order to feel comfortable about trusting one with my hard earned money especially since there can be risk involved in investing. Any way you slice it, the idea of moving your life savings from one financial advisor...

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Should You Choose a Traditional or Roth IRA?

So you’ve got a little cash saved in the bank, you have your debt under control and you feel like it’s definitely time for you to start looking into stashing away some extra money for your future retirement. Time to decide, Traditional or Roth IRA? Maybe you have a 401(k) from your job, or maybe you have a brokerage account and you’re used to managing your own investments. Regardless of their financial situation, many people look to their IRA as a flexible place to stash money away for their future and now it’s time to think about starting one...

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My Biggest Money Mistake Ever. By a Financial Advisor

What’s your biggest money mistake that you’re willing to admit to? I’m a financial advisor but I’m not immune to making mistakes with my money, let me tell you about my favorite (and by favorite I mean least favorite) money mistake I’ve ever made. Do you want to know something interesting? I actually feel like some of the biggest money mistakes I’ve made have actually been while I was working in the financial field. Don’t judge me! Sometimes doctors get sick and lawyers get sued also. If your financial advisor wants you think that they’ve never lost money in...

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Investment 101- A Practical Guide On Where and When to Start for Beginners

Learning to invest isn’t as difficult as it seems. Really, it’s true. But you have to decide where to start and when to start first. Investment 101 is a guide for anyone who wants to start investing for their future.   Some people in the financial services industry may want you to think investing is rocket science, but I disagree. I believe this is not rocket science, and I have a formula that I want to show you to back that up. I call it Investment 101. I know the world of finance and investing is full a ton of...

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