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5 Ways You Can Actually Afford Your Dream Wedding

Does it seem a little strange that a financial advisor who focuses on comprehensive financial planning would be trying to talk to you about ways that you can afford having your dream wedding?   Will guess what? I think it’s a little strange that more financial advisors DON’T talk to you about ways that you can afford to have your dream wedding. I’ve said it before 1000 times… Planning for, saving for, and paying for large purchases is important. I wish someone would have given me a guide to help me learn to save for a large purchase like a...

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Looking to Save For a Large Purchase Like a Home?

Large purchases can define your financial picture. Think about it, they command your money wherever you’re at. Here’s our guide if you’re looking to save for a large purchase.   If you’re struggling to get by and you need to make a large purchase, you may charge it on a credit card, which you will have to pay off in payments. Now, that means more money coming out of your pocket to pay off that debt every month. More pressure. If you have the money saved in the bank or in some kind of investment when the time comes...

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