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A Brief Message from Josh Brein, Author

Everybody needs a plan for their money, but not everybody needs a financial advisor. The Art of a Plan was created to help you be the artist behind your money.

Who Me?

Yes, you.

For far too long, the average saver, spender, and investor have been restricted in their ability to properly plan for important things in their life with their money by an industry that can be tricky to navigate.

It used to be that a financial professional like a financial advisor or insurance agent was the only person they could bridge the gap between one’s lack of knowledge about a particular financial subject or need and the actual solution needed to solve that need.

I see a problem with that.

Ever see two books on the same subject that have completely different information in them? How do we know that we’re making the right choices with our money? We don’t actually.

Here’s one thing that I know, though…

Financial planning doesn’t need to be something that’s told to you, it should be something that’s taught to you. And you can start here, right now.

And you don’t have to be a financial advisor to put together solid and effective financial plans for you and your family.

Star Here Josh and Erin

Along Comes the Internet

What an amazing thing the internet is, isn’t it? Think about it for a second… As people here in modern society, we have the most powerful tool in the history of mankind at our disposal. The Internet is a plethora of knowledge about a ton of different things, including financial literacy and financial information.

As we move into the digital age, though, this incredibly vast access to information that we have can also be a disadvantage as well. And now we have thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of places we can go to look up information on everything from proper pet care to managing your finances.

Ever read 1000 different articles on something that all gave different information and ideas? Probably not, but that’s what we get with the Internet, an unlimited amount of ideas and it can be a challenge to cut through the fat of what’s out there to get to the info you actually need.

Now, everyone’s an expert with the vast depth of the information contained on the Internet at our disposal. But, there’s a huge difference between an expert and someone who has been reading up on a particular subject. With so much information out there, how do we know we are learning the most accurate information and ideas for our situation?

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing that. Also what’s right for one person, may be the absolute wrong idea for another. So yes, we have the ability to research and find information on things that we never thought we would be able to in the past, and we don’t need financial professionals to educate us anymore although it’s helpful sometimes. Coming from a financial advisor who has been helping people plan for over a decade that probably seems like kind of a weird statement for me to make, doesn’t it?

Am I Telling You to Never Trust a Financial Advisor Anymore Because Now You can Look Everything up on the Internet?

Of course not, I’m definitely not looking to put myself out of business!

I created The Art of A Plan for people who are not satisfied with the status quo of the traditional financial services industry being the only source of information available to them, but also know that they need a place to research the things that are important to them so they don’t have to take the things that financial advisors say at face value 100% of the time.

The Art of a Plan is full of DIY financial planning ideas and tools that are backed by the know-how of experts in the financial field, and it’s all here at your disposal.

The Art of A Plan was created to be simple and tailored around what I’ve found to be the most common things that people need help with when looking to plan with their money.

From getting out of debt to learning to save and invest in the right places, The Art of A Plan is here to help you bridge the gap between what you don’t know and what you do know.

From growing your nest egg for your retirement to making sure you can stay retired once you actually do retire, The Art of A Plan here to help with that as well.

The Art of A Plan Breathes Because It’s Alive

Does that seem creepy? And how can a website actually be alive? Well technically, it isn’t…

The reason why I say The Art of A Plan is a living, breathing website is because it’s constantly changing and being updated with content, tools, and ideas based on our “artist’s” (your) preferences.

Imagine going to an art store where each section is designed to help you pick out the best tools for whatever art project you’re working on so all you have to do is find the right tool and you’re off to create a masterpiece. I see the Internet as a place that’s vast in the information it contains, but it’s not very organized.

So why can’t there be a place where all the necessary tools are laid out section by section for you to find financial information about the things that matter the most to you and about the direction that you want to move with your money?

Welcome to Your Own Personal Financial “Art Supply Depot!”

Customization is what The Art of A Plan is all about.

When I designed TheArtofAPlan.com I knew I needed to cut through the fat of what my readers were looking for and get right down to the outcomes that matter the most to them. This is the reason I want you to start planning right now using our resources and tools because it’s easy. That’s exactly why I designed TheArtofAPlan.com the way I did, with you in mind.

So let’s get started, shall we? Just tell me what you want to plan for and I’ll give you tools and ideas to help you be the artist behind your money.

Also, please feel free to join The Art of a Plan today so we can customize your planning experience even more. It’s free and I’ll shoot you an email from time to time updating you on the tools and ideas that are geared towards the things you’ve told us you’re interested in and if I have any ideas that I feel could be helpful to you then I will make sure to pass them along as well.

We have an Open Door Policy

Well, Kind of… You may not be able to show up to my office but I’m always available by email and I want to hear from you!

If you see something on The Art of A plan that you want to see more of, or if you think of an idea that would be helpful to you or to other readers then I would be happy to hear it and I’ll do my best to implement it into The Art of A Plan. Contact me right here, whichever way works for you and let me know how I can help.

Josh Brein Sign Off


Success with money takes smart planning.

Are you ready to start taking control of your money for good this time? I can help you.

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